About Us


The Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC) has a rich history as the face and voice of soil conservation in Canada. The SCCC was founded in 1987, by a group of individuals under the leadership of Senator Herb Sparrow to advocate for the importance of soil conservation on a national scale. The SCCC delivered several national and regional programs with government support, and in 2014, successfully co-hosted the 6th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture.

The SCCC is the only national organization to concentrate on the issues of soil health and soil conservation within a broadly based landscape context. It works to build a greater understanding of the importance of soil as an essential resource to society by facilitating the exchange of information with all stakeholders. Healthy soils are the foundation of sustainable food production, enhanced biodiversity and cleaner air and water for present and future generations.


  • To provide leadership in the protection and care of Canada's soil and related resources.
  • To improve the level of understanding and awareness of the importance of soil and soil health among all Canadians and to increase their support of soil conservation.
  • To facilitate communications among various stakeholders for work relating to soil and related resources.
  • To communicate to the general public those policies, programs or activities that affect the sustainable use of Canada's resources.
  • To encourage the development of policies, production methods and management systems for agricultural land use which enables sustainable use of soil and related resources.
  • To work collaboratively with stakeholders in the delivery of soil related conservation programs.

Council activity

  • National Soil Conservation Week
  • National Forums
  • Position Papers
  • Collaboration with government