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The Soil Conservation Council of Canada is responsible for administering two national awards to individuals and organizations in the field of soil health and conservation. In 1990, the SCCC established the Canadian Conservation Hall of Fame and since then has inducted 29 members. In 2016, SCCC was invited to take charge of the L.B. Thomson Award. Each award acknowledges both national and regional contributions to the science and practice of soil conservation by individuals and organizations.

Canadian Conservation Hall of Fame

The Canadian Conservation Hall of Fame provides recognition of individuals who have had a national impact as they furthered the conservation ethic and have made an outstanding contribution to the care of soil and the water, air and environment that it affects. The Hall of Fame was established by Soil Conservation Canada in 1990 and now has 29 inductees - the most recent being Dr. Harry Hill for his outstanding contribution to water and soil conservation in Canada. Others have included agricultural extension specialists, soil care leaders from university, government and supportive organizations. Nominees may also be individuals who have campaigned for soil conservation and demonstrated that soil protection and care contributes to sustainable, reliable and profitable crop production.

The home of the Hall of Fame portraits has been in Ottawa and located in Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's (AAFC) facilities. A move is underway for the "Hall" to be located with a Soil exhibit at the Canadian Agricultural and Food Museum, also in Ottawa. Here, the "Hall" will change to a digital format featuring pictures and stories of inductees. This will also be available on the SCCC website. With wide and easy access to the "Hall", the achievements of inductees can more effectively influence soil care interest and activity.

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L.B. Thomson Award

The L.B. Thomson Conservation Award was introduced in 1988 by the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) Alumni. Until 2010, all recipients were from the Canadian Prairies. When the PFRA was rolled into the Agri-Environmental Services Branch of AAFC, all Canadians became eligible to win this award. In 2016, it has been entrusted to the SCCC and will recognize soil care achievements, adoption and advocacy by individuals or groups that have had a strong regional impact anywhere in Canada.

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