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2006 Feature Articles

Report to Canadian Producers

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Program for Canadian Agriculture Soils and Nutrient Management Sector

New composting process beats the weather and avoids urban-sprawl conflicts

Pilot project paves the way for successful liquid manure compost system

Forage project demonstrates techniques to benefit the environment

Re-establishing a forage stand without plowing and discing helps preserve soil organic matter and is also good for the environment

2005 Feature Articles

Manitoba producers learn to make the most of forages

Projects show the all around benefits of producing grass and legumes

2004 Feature Articles

Test kits to measure soil impact on GHG changes

New tools helps measure the greenhouse gas difference

Matching crop nutrient needs helps minimize nitrous oxide emissions

Improve soil nitrogen test is an important start

Environment benefits from 50 percent less summerfallow

Continuous cropping taking over

Manure value depends on proper handling

New friendlier image of manure gradually emerging

Reduced tillage helps reduce carbon dioxide levels

Low tillage systems are being entrenched on Canadian farms

Greenhouse Gas: Taking charge of soil and nutrient management

A new program to mitigate greenhouse gas through improved soil and nutrient management practices builds economic and environmental sustainability