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The Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC or Council) is a coalition of stakeholders that impacts and benefits from the soil that must support us in a reliable and sustainable way.

Soil is the source of all agri-food and its productivity determines the outcome of all agri-related activity. A sustainable supply of food is at risk as we face a rapidly growing global population and food demand, the outcome of climate change and weather cycles, and soil abuse that results in a declining supply of productive soil. This will bring serious pressure on the productivity of Canadian soil. The SCCC sees a responsibility to address these issues. The stakes are high!

Soil management affects everyone. Stakeholders include: cropland managers and land owners, consumers of food and other agri-products, food processers and retailers, the transportation industry, agricultural lenders, the financial markets, the grain and livestock industries, the scientific and research community, the seed, fertilizer and pest management trade, the farm equipment and vehicle trade, those who care about wildlife and water and air quality, the farm media and governments.

Governments have a real stake in soil productivity as they have built their legacies on an abundant, reliable supply of inexpensive food - and this allows the purchase of other things that we associate with a high standard of living.

It is important that all stakeholders collaborate to respond to increasing demand for agricultural goods while improving soil productivity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing nutrient and sediment loss to our waterways and protecting the limited natural habitat remaining in agricultural landscapes. Through thoughtful action this can be achieved in Canada but only if broad collective support and strong stakeholder leadership prevails.

Since 1987, the Council has worked to achieve these goals. Highly visible activities include National Soil Conservation Week, the Canadian Conservation Hall of Fame, and the 2014 World Congress on Conservation Agriculture. In December 2015, SCCC will host a Soil Summit in Calgary.

As the Council moves forward it will facilitate and encourage new technology transfer, create public awareness and provide a public conscience in the need for soil protection and soil care. To do this effectively, we welcome new partners and fresh ideas.

The SCCC is the only organization in Canada that focuses on the care and protection of soil – our most valuable and fragile resource. Membership in SCCC demonstrates a commitment to the future. Together we can make a difference.

SCCC Memberships, Annual Fees and Donations

Category   Current Fee
Agricultural Students   $20.00
Canadian Young Farmers Forum   $50.00
Individual   $100.00
Local Industry, NGO and Government   $500.00
Provincial Industry, NGO and Government   $1,000.00
National Industry, NGO and Government   $5,000.00
Charitable and Hall of Fame Donations   (receipt granted)

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