Summit on Canadian Soil Health 2017

The Costs and Consequences of Soil Degradation

August 22-23, 2017
Delta Hotel, Guelph, Ontario

The upcoming SCCC Summit on Canadian Soil Health 2017 is intended to address the challenges to Canada's soil resources and seek solutions to ensuring the legacy of healthy soils for sustainable food production, enhanced biodiversity, and cleaner air and water for present and future generations.

Soil Health Has Suffered

During the past 150 years, the development of Canadian agriculture has been rapid, and too often at the expense of soil health. Our historic success in being good stewards of our soil comes with a great deal of complacency. When soil health suffers, degradation costs escalate. This impacts agriculture, the economy, the environment and each of us.

Improved soil management and a heightened soil care ethic are essential as we face rapidly increasing food production pressure, loss of our best soil to housing and industry, inconsistent soil management advice, and changing climate impacts.

Summit on Canadian Soil Health 2017

Join leaders in agriculture, academia, government, agri-business, conservation professionals and other concerned stakeholders as we identify and consider:

  • The costs and consequences of soil degradation
  • Technical and scientific gaps that contribute to soil degradation
  • Motivators and drivers that encourage soil remediation and care
  • New information, new opportunities

Summit Program

Click here to view the Summit Program.

For more information contact:

Jim Tokarchuk, Executive Director, 204-792-2424