Soil Your Undies

Hey Canada, it's time to Soil Your Undies... in the name of soil conservation

Who doesn't like playing in the dirt? The Soil Conservation Council of Canada sure does and is encouraging the Canadian public to do so as well in honour of National Soil Conservation Week.

Anyone can take part! All you need is a new pair of white 100% cotton briefs, a shovel, a marker flag and a patch of soil to bury your undies. Once you have all that, follow the instructions below and be sure to share your experiences with your social networks.

Don't forget to use #SoilYourUndies so we can see it too! We'll highlight some of your experiences with the participants at the next Summit on Canadian Soil Health this August in Guelph, Ont.

For instructions please Click Here (Français). For a print version with crop marks Click Here (Français).

Official Stanfield's underwear burial at Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in Ottawa

Digging up the official Stanfield's Underwear

News and More

• Learn more about the "Soil Your Undies" Project – by Michael Jones, 4-H Canada Science Fair Winner.

July 26, 2017
• Hey Canada: It's now time to dig up your undies

July 17, 2017
• Ontario school soils its undies for soil conservation

April 10, 2017
• Hey Canada: It's time to soil your undies in the name of soil conservation
• C'est le temps de salir vos bobettes au nom de la conservation des sols

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