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There is work to be done to secure the sustainability of Canada's soil resource.

Healthy soils are the foundation of strong economies, sustainable food production, enhanced biodiversity, and cleaner air and water. Keeping Canada's soil resources secure and healthy is an ongoing and evolving challenge driven by many factors including climate change, swings in the agricultural economy, changing societal priorities, rapidly growing population and complacency by many land managers.

Everyone is a stakeholder in the quest for healthy soil. You can be part of the solution by supporting SCCC - a forward thinking, non-profit organization committed to securing reliable, sustainable productivity for Canada's soils. No legacy could be more important to future generations.

Get involved.

Follow the links on this page to see some of the SCCC's achievements over the past 29 years, highlights of several significant new initiatives that will contribute to a sustainable healthy agricultural landscape for Canada and to see how you can become involved.

To learn more please contact our Executive Director Jim Tokarchuk at or 204-792-2424.

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